Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Docklands Trip

Went to docklands last saturday, the weather is really cold. From the
pic, it might seem like a sunny day. But it had in fact been drizzling before that. Docklands is relatively new, almost all the shop fronts are related to F&B.

There is this restaurant - Livebait, which is also mentioned in the Lonley Planet Melbourne City Guide). I had a glimpse of the menu...My god! The entree starts at A$17 minimum, and the main dish (i think it's sort of lobster or something) costs a whopping A$44!

Well, we didn't have that - but did manage to order a small set of chips (which is really huge portion, and they are thick!) and some cuppa coffee. Though simple, it was really wholesome :)
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  • Bukit Timah Carrot Cake cost $2. You want me to DHL some to u? :P

    By Blogger DK, at 3:23 pm  

  • yoyo uncle! isaac sooo cutee lars

    By Blogger pammy, at 2:43 am  

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