Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Produce Fair @ Carlton Gardens

Went to the "Melbourne Largest Produce" fair, which was held at the Melbourne Mesuem.
It is just in between the Carlton Gardens (North and South). Bought some cookies (if i remember correctly, date & pecan and belgian chocolate), which are really good. They are soft and aromatic, abeit the prices are abit steep (A$8 each for small pack). The ChoriOz bratwurst stall is really popular. Yup, i fought back restraint to get hold of one too...hmmmpf! its great! grilled to perfection!

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Luna Park, St. Kilda - Melbourne

Here are some pics taken at Luna Park in St. Kilda (Melbourne). The large clown mouth is very prominent from afar. Admission is free, but not the rides. It's more of a family oreinted park (not so much for thrill-seekers).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Isaac@Flagstaff Gardens

Isaac enjoying a moment in Flagstaff Gardens; our apartment is just around the corner - Royal Flagstaff. He has learned to say 'Birrrrd' and also feed them breadcrumbs.