Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Visited the Werribee Open Range Zoo on Easter Sunday. Its one of the three zoos available in Victoria, and this one follows the concept of open range where the animals are free to roam on acres of wild plains (just think Safari). Its refreshing as we get to see the animals at closer range through Safari buses and not through enclosements (of course, with the exception of cheetahs & lions). Those four little rodent like creatures are called meerkats, which are quite attention seeking. Maybe thats why their enclousre is set next to the zoo cafeteria.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Docklands Trip

Went to docklands last saturday, the weather is really cold. From the
pic, it might seem like a sunny day. But it had in fact been drizzling before that. Docklands is relatively new, almost all the shop fronts are related to F&B.

There is this restaurant - Livebait, which is also mentioned in the Lonley Planet Melbourne City Guide). I had a glimpse of the menu...My god! The entree starts at A$17 minimum, and the main dish (i think it's sort of lobster or something) costs a whopping A$44!

Well, we didn't have that - but did manage to order a small set of chips (which is really huge portion, and they are thick!) and some cuppa coffee. Though simple, it was really wholesome :)
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